Geiger Counters

From time to time, we have some new and slightly used (merely tested) geiger counters available for immediate shipment. At the moment this includes:

New Soeks M1 (the new model), $320 (free shipping from US to destinations in the US)


New Geiger Activ Pro MK II, price $340 (with free shipping within the US)

Beta and gamma sensitivity with analog meter and belt clip, very long battery life. Can be interfaced with free downloadable computer software for tracking.

The presence of ionising radiation is indicated by a flashing red LED, an audible click from the built in piezo sounder and a clear visual indication on the front mounted moving coil meter. A second green LED remains continuously lit when the unit is switched on, to show that it is functioning.

New Sosna
See demo on eBay. It is new, as in not previously used, but does not have a manual but I can send a pdf. These are actual pictures of the unit for sale.






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