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I have been brooding, how not surprising! Then, Dr. Hiranuma sent me a link to a very powerful online audio stream. Dr. Helen Caldicott is a passionate and compassionate voice for all who care about sane use of power. I have been on her anti-nuclear train for many decades, but I think this latest interview with Arne Gundersen is her most compelling public appearance yet. Part of the reason the duo is so strong is that two experts are linked respectfully and cogently in their assessment of the challenges facing the world today. The entire dynamic was fascinating. Helen Caldicott is fiery, maybe even more fiery than I am, and Arne Gundersen has a much calmer demeanor though they are clearly on the same page. There is a bonus recording of Dr. Caldicott's recent speech at the Berlin Chernobyl Conference, one attended mostly by physicians who were thunderous in their show of appreciation for her clear thinking and focused intent.

As the days unfold, we are learning more and more about what happened in Fukushima and who knew what and when they became aware of what they now know and why it took months to ease the public into the truth, not all of which has been told yet. Whether or not it will be told remains to be seen.

This clip is on Dr. Caldicott's web site, If You Love This Planet, which seems to host a weekly radio program:

For the record, I agreed with absolutely every word Dr. Caldicott said except — and this is really only a theoretical exception — her view that the damage to our DNA caused by radiation is irreversible. The science she presents is chilling, but we each of us only know what we know and not what might be known by someone else or could be learned in the future. I guess I just want to keep all options open. Dr. Caldicott is a pediatrician and pediatricians suffer enormous heartbreak as do veterinarians and everyone else who cares and who wants to heal, not harm. Complicated cases are always frustrating, but it's always hardest when the innocent suffer. It's also, of course, humbling when we have nothing left in our bag of tricks to correct a problem, but it's maddening when the problems themselves were caused by some genocidal policy implemented in secret.

So, while I am in perfect agreement with all that Dr. Caldicott said, I am using all the spiritual strength I have to keep my faith in our ultimate perfection alive. I don't play the game of odds. However, I can see the game as it is played by others. I have tried to explain this in the context of birth control. For a government that targets zero population growth or even a reduction in population over a particular length of time, it does not matter what method is used to achieve the goal or if the method is 80% reliable. However, for a young couple, the difference between 80% and 20% can be significant. This helps us to understand the difference between how various minds work. Doctors and healers have one-on-one relationships with people who are in crisis. For politicians, these people are nameless and faceless, and there are huge risks that their psyches are not mature enough to comprehend the ramifications of what they are doing. Even if the effects are understood, they could be rationalized.

In any event, as a healer, I do not want to cast a shadow over anyone else's hope, and yet the lines between realism and mysticism are blurry. I am certain Dr. Caldicott is aware of that line along with the rest of us, but the scenario she paints of mutations is grim. So, you have been warned.

June 2011

This broadcast broke through my doldrums. June was a big month. We lived through three eclipses and a close encounter with a planetary body that flew by Earth just a big higher than our space station but lower than the communications satellites. As if this were not enough, we have two nuclear power plants on the Missouri River in a state of high alert and fires raging near the birth place of the nuclear bomb. Amazingly, we are still here, but I couldn't decide how and where to start my post. It's a holiday weekend for Americans, but it started with yet another massive challenge to the authenticity of the birth certificate on the White House web site. Eclipses are tough on people in high positions. If you see the big picture, which, of course, is always relative, it might be hard to know where to start so let me begin way out there.

As some of you know, I facilitate retrieval of memory using a kind of music therapy that is a variation of bits and pieces gleaned from others over the years. At this point, the methods I use are pretty much my own, but, of course, they were built on the pioneering efforts of others, most particularly Kay Ortmans. In this type of therapy, there is no real guidance. I want to take a few sentences to explain this because many of the techniques used to explore the unconscious depend to a greater or lesser extent on guidance and, in my opinion, what is elicited can be influenced by the facilitator, either coincidentally or intentionally, but most often it is the limitations of the facilitator that affect what will and will not be unlocked. The method I am using has the least guidance of any system to which I have been exposed which means the subject explores mostly at his or her own pace. Since I have facilitated lots of these sessions, patterns have emerged and one of the patterns involves a group of scientists from Lyra who made a mess of things in their system and got sent to Earth to get their yin and yang together. That probably resonated with some and flew right past others.

The Earth is an absolutely amazing yin planet, a feminine planet with astonishing beauty and diversity. We see this in every species, endless types of plants, animals, people, customs, beliefs, etc., etc., etc. The story this Lyrans in exile related was that they were so captivated by the creative powers of their own minds that they found synthetic creations more interesting than organic ones. For the record, no one actually used language like this, but I think adding "synthetic" and "organic" helps one to understand how what one creates with one's mind is not real in the real sense of real. It is artificial and possibly hugely interesting, but it exists independently of the relationship with yin and thus cannot be sustained in the manifest world.

Creation is a joint venture requiring both yin and yang. Sometimes I explain that while ideas may come from the Creator, they have to be stepped down and calibrated in order to manifest. Think of music as a bucket full of notes. The sound would be deafening and chaotic so yin has to maintain the sequence the notes, establish the rhythm that gives each the right degree of expression, and provide the instruments on which the music can be played. Otherwise, the notes are just mental clutter, clutter that sometimes leads to irritation on the part of the yang since yang is essentially invisible without yin. To the extent that yang wants an audience, yang is completely handicapped without yin and its capacity to organize in a way that sustains the interest of the audience. I think many can feel the dynamics at work and at play here.

If one had only yin, it's possible that we would have mainly percussion instruments so the truth is we appreciate melody and sequence if we can listen to something coherent. Well, what the Lyrans related in their altered states is that they became so carried away by their own mental gymnastics that they neglected to notice their dependence on yin. They were sent here to learn but many quickly found that yin was easy to dominate and their old habits of synthesizing were hard to put to rest. So, based on the insights I had into this particular immigrant group, I learned to cringe when hearing words like artificial intelligence or genetically modified or even engineered. I knew we were building up to critical mass and risking a fate similar to what occurred in the Lyran system.

For those who are about to hit delete, I would like to remind you that I spent 21 years in Santa Fe and had a very mixed clientele of Los Alamos physicists and New Age artistic types, plus many people who were seeking cures for conditions they wanted to shift. Most people began with skepticism. If you doubt you lived here or anywhere else before, you might, for instance, believe that others have fanciful imaginations but you would never have any memories arise and if they did, they would be logical and subject to easy explanation. The fact is, this is not how the unconscious works. It is independent of our opinions so when we start listening to it, we are stunned by the relevance and coherence. We hardly realize how many pieces of our puzzle are missing until some big new pieces appear on the horizon.

You might say that part of my own environmentalism was fueled by having this special window opened to Lyra. So, if my nerves go into spasm at the sound of one more hair-brained concoction of human Narcissism, I find my balance by reference to material elicited from other clients who were sent here with the inventions necessary to fix what is broken. At this juncture, I would say that everything we need to repair all damage to the Earth exists, everything except the political will. Thus, where we are really taking the biggest risk is in abdicating responsibility for using our power to shift the balance in the right direction. It's actually that simple and yet our fates hang on this precarious precipice.


Now, back to reality. As the numbers stream in from Fukushima, we are forced to acknowledge that this disaster is the biggest industrial catastrophe of human history. If it were to be joined by further disasters, Los Alamos National Laboratories or nuclear power plants on the Missouri River, we would be far beyond any place humankind has been in recorded history. We might have experienced similar challenges on other planets or perhaps on Earth before the current era, but in our time or any time we can examine with our minds or imagination, we have never faced anything of the magnitude of the Fukushima disaster alone much less something worse.

A few days ago, I wrote about the need to compose a requiem for the Nuclear Era. A few people resonated. This has to be it, the end of folly because if we as humans keep playing with toys we can't manage, we are dooming this Planet. In short, at this time, alternatives to nuclear power are not enough. We have to become more aware of Nature and learn to live in this colorful and diverse place. "Natural" needs to become a word with real meaning, not a drop of lemon juice added to some chemicals.

To be expounded upon over this celebratory weekend!

Many blessings,



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