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A correspondent in northern New England wrote that the bees are ignoring most of the flowers on their property so she went in search of bees and found they were busy with Japanese knotweed. Her neighbor said they were also not interested the goldenrod, merely purple Rose of Sharon. Her thought was that the bees might be avoiding plants that soak up radiation. I think I have my work cut out for me because I might be able to measure the differences in radiation if I get similar size samples and measure for a very long time. Since many of you are contemplating acquisition of a geiger counter, let me mention that of the ones I have used, only the Sosna can take these long measurements. The others start over again after ten seconds or they do not have a digital read out so you have to count clicks, not very practical.

For those who are still not convinced there is a radiation problem, please study the dispersion patterns here:

On another bee note, a German bee keeper, Karl Heinz Bablok, joined with others to sue the State of Bavaria for contamination of his honey with MON 810. The EU High Court interprets law but individual member nations can apply the law however they choose. In the case of Bavaria, it seems the door is now open for seeking damages for contamination of non-GMO products.

Photo: Greenpeace

In yet another setback for the future of GMO crops and food products in Europe, a team of French researchers at Caen University analyzed 19 studies and concluded that it is unreasonable to subject half a billion Europeans to health risks from genetically modified crops and components of those crops that may find their way into the food chain. Interestingly, it was found that in males, the kidneys are more affected by GMO components whereas in females, it is the liver. They blamed the findings on herbicide residuals that result in death by poisoning.


Kaya Kalpa

Then, several of you asked about "kalpa" so either you are new subscribers or a file in your memory bank hasn't been opened for a few months. There is a forum, quite inactive lately.

Here is the short version of the story.

There is an ancient Indian system of rejuvenation called kaya kalpa. Like much inherited from the distant past, there are variations in the story but according to what I have determined is relevant to the present era, our bodies can be made to last much longer. Various scientists believe that the normal life span ought to be a minimum of 120 years but some say that figure is too low and that 150 is realistic and others say 200 is "normal" for this day and age. So, the question is why do we age and is there really a way to avoid aging or reverse aging. So much of what passes for anti-aging these days is more or less the equivalent of a bottle of hair coloring and a face lift, but in the Indian system, the individual actually emerges with the mind and memory of a mature adult and the physical appearance of a much younger person . . . without the assistance of plastic surgeons.

There are stories of people getting all new teeth, new hair and skin, and even renewal of organs that were severely damaged or partially removed.

A colleague asked me to write a book about this. At first I was hesitant because I'm overextended. Then, I was intrigued and finally hooked. Moreover, the deeper I looked into the entire process and the various theories that might be relevant, the more I realized that what I was learning suggested that we are truly functioning on less than half a cylinder so that if we recovered our full potential, we would be, well, awesome. When the Fukushima nuclear crisis began to unfold, I realized that all the studying I had done for kalpa was actually going to be useful for radiation treatment because some of the same dynamics are involved, most especially repair of damaged DNA but also maverick electrons.

The radiation "problem" is not going away in our lifetime and I want to devote myself to donating my knowledge and experience to solving the problems. I am however so busy that I have to let go of some things to make room for the new. Many of you are tired of reading about this so let me just explain what the similarities are between rejuvenation and radiation, similarities as seen by someone interested in the therapeutic aspects of the challenges we face.

Much of the stress that results in deterioration of our physicality and brain are due to free radicals. These are basically unpaired electrons. We can perhaps imagine or argue that all that exists is potentially capable of change depending on the partnerships formed by the energies that are restless and unstable. You can take that on any level you like from the cellular to social to galactic. In short, this is basic chemistry, social chemistry, or cosmic chemistry. Some Japanese are emerging from shock and challenging the notion that radiation is due to "decay". I am actually more or less in philosophic accord with most of this concept because it suggests that some energy has not discovered a stable way to manifest so it is releasing particle packages that sooner or later have to find partners for the unwed electrons. For me, it is just part of the yin-yang dance, but yang without a willing bride can damage toes when struggling on the dance floor. That's basically the "problem" but according to what many mystically inclined Japanese are posting on their blogs, individuals can facilitate an accord with radiation so that the dance floor is safe. This is providing the impetus for a return to Nature and reverence for Her sanity.

Meanwhile, for those ready to consider the possibilities that may await us, I highly recommend this video of an Indonesian healer:


Personal Relevance

On a very practical level, all of us would at least like the assurance that we will not lose our mental capacity nor live in constant physical pain as we age. Others would just like to stop the clock or turn it back to the most ideal time of life. However, from the angle of planning, you can just imagine how topsy turvy the world would be if people retired after 25 years of work or at the age of 65 and then went on the live another hundred years on social security. The pressure on scientists not to reveal what they know must be enormous. However, from another angle, dying and reincarnating with memory loss is quite inefficient. It might be better to remain in the same body longer and avoid childhood!

Speaking for myself, I did not enjoy childhood at all and would not like to repeat it. In fact, except for never having reprieve from responsibilities, I rather like the present. Many of those writing to me express similar views. We spent a lot of time processing our wounds and shifting our dysfunction and we don't really like the idea of starting over again with baby stuff. Of course, infancy may be wonderful for some but if it's not your preference, it's quite possible that you really do have a choice.

Kaya kalpa normally is approached with resolve and preparation. For instance, dashmool is used to detoxify. Ultimately, those who are really serious try to shift karma and then go into darkness for 40 days. Those who have done this usually say that in the beginning, they are very tired and tend to sleep a lot. This practically sounds like Paradise but the darkness serves a purpose because it seems to reset the pineal gland and thus to have many other hugely important consequences. It is not normal to suffer from atrophied endocrine glands. In the case of the pineal, it calcifies due at least partly to the use of fluoride; but if it were sound and active, we would know our purposes in life. It's a pity to wait until 70 to find out why we were born, but this is part of what happens when the rejuvenation protocol is strictly followed.

I know I have been deluging you. I feel I am holding back because there is so much "going on" but hopefully you can discern which posts might interest you and which can fall through the cracks.

Many blessings,






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