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This is a short update on the nuclear crisis. I posted some links on but few of you will think to check there so I am sending this post plus a serious "Sunday" one on memory later today. Part of that essay went missing in a computer crash last night so it has to be redone.

Keeping the link page updated is a challenge since new material is coming in constantly.

It's very hard to ignore what is happening, at least for me.

In the German ZDF production, the mushrooms tested in Fukushima were "not food", rather nuclear storage for two different types of cesium, 28,000 becquerels per kilo. The type tested and reported was Lactarius volemus, a wild mushroom harvested in the mountains of Tanakura-machi.on September 1st. To give some perspective, the Japanese have set a "safety" standard of 500 Bq per kilo and that slider keeps moving so that not all food is declared unfit to eat.

I don't take a geiger counter everywhere with me when shopping but when I last did, it went crazy in the mushroom produce area of the store. Since I am highly allergic to mushrooms, I didn't hang out there long but the overall impression I got was that not all the mushrooms were radioactive. Crimini seemed very high compared to others but I have no idea where they were harvested, but you have been warned! I am not saying that all mushrooms are now radioactive, but we know from Chernobyl as well as the Mir Space Station that mushrooms survive radiation. They were the first to "recover" from Chernobyl and were growing inside the reactor itself. Since the fallout on the West Coast of the U.S. was higher than most areas in Japan, you really have to allow time for processing this picture.

We can argue forever on whether mushrooms are good or bad, but what the Japanese are reporting flies in the face of what some people believe. About ten years ago, Paul Stamets delivered a fascinating lecture on mushrooms at the Bioneers Conference. He has since presented on He contends that mushrooms can be used to break down nuclear waste and that the mushrooms used for this are edible. Paul is on a first name basis with millions of mushrooms so perhaps there is a type that is safe but I am for letting them do their thing outdoors, not in my kitchen much less gastrointestinal tract.

There are three videos on this page plus some words:

This is sobering but not even the half of what people need to know.

If you missed it, here is the interview on If You Love This Planet:

Those may promote a hopeless perspective so read these pages also:

Someone has made a film called "Blind" but it is potentially emotionally challenging:

It is artistic and evocative but perhaps should be seen as an ultimatum to deal with our issues lest this become the future reality.





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